Compact Stylish Contemporary Garden Design

A small modern garden design

I was commissioned to create a garden design that was to be contemporary in terms of astestics, form, and planting.

The garden dedign had to be Pet friendly – specifically for the clients two African Grey Parrots. The clients intend to have the proposed seating area of the garden to be covered by an aviary; allowing the parrots the  freedom to fly between the house and the garden.

Contemporary Natural stone paving was a must and the clients requested that they wanted the outdoor paving to reflect the tiles that had been used in the kitchen – a rainbow coloured smooth natural sandstone was selected was an almost perfect match.

The site is multifunctional; the clients run a business from the property. Access via the garden to their commercial warehouses needed to stay not be made more difficult – as such suitable access and materials were going to be needed to tie in the domestic garden design and the commercial areas.

The clients wanted the aviary section of the design to have raised planting beds with integrated seating, and table; was to house a fire pit. The existing lawn will be redesigned and fitted with astro turf. The garage, and warehouses were to be covered to suit the new design. The clients wanted the Parrots Java tree to be work into the garden design.  Other considerations for the garden design were Subtle lighting, Contrast of old and new materials, Incorporate the clients existing patio heaters.

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