Here are questions that clients frequently ask us and the answers that we provide. If the question you want answering isn’t here feel free to call me on 07519665324 or email me at richard@rplgardendesign.co.uk

Do you charge for the initial consultation?

No, normally the initial consultation is free, but this would really depend upon the service that you require from us and of course your location. But 90% of the time we work on a free consultation. if  not a full justification is provided and we’ll knock it the cost of next stage if you choose to go forward, so effectively its free!

Do you do the landscaping yourself?

In short, yes. We provide a full and complete design and build service meaning from the very start of the process you get to know the team and you have the reassurance that the build will be completed exactly as its specified. It ensures that budgets are adhered to. Often designs are put out for tender and estimates are received which don’t suit the budget, the design unfortunately never gets to come alive. Plus as I’m part of the build team you’re guaranteed that the finishes will be just as agreed.

How much do you charge for a the design service?

This depends upon the size of the garden and the amount of drawings required to ensure that the job is successfully completed, for a full estimate I need to see and understand the project in its entirety – but a full breakdown of design fees  will of be supplied after the initial free consultation.

Do you provide the plants?

We’re lucky enough to have many nurseries that we worked along side and have built up good relationships so yes we would be able to provide the plants and of course get them in the ground.

Do we get to keep the designs?

As you are the client and you have paid for the designs these of course would be yours to keep, some clients have actually framed them as a memento of the project and these do look striking!

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