Garden Design Trends 2014

According to some sources 2014 is going to see something of a gardening boom, now I’m not sure what you think i but i believe that we’ve been seeing a boom in gardening over the last few years and i think that what we’ll see in 2014 is a continuation of this growing trend in people trying to get back to nature.

Over the last couple of years there has been a real surge in the outdoor lifestyle and last summer in the UK i witness a big increase in the number of folks taking up outdoor pursuits. There has been an increase in social trends like glamping, lawn games and garden parties, there has record sales recorded in outdoor furniture and I’ve had an increased number of clients looking for bespoke structures, ornaments and sculptures.

“2014 is all about balance. People finally appreciate that being in nature and in the garden is true bliss. But now, they want the garden to do double duty: A Zen oasis and the social hub for entertaining,”

The Garden Media Group has recently released its Garden Trends 2014 Report and it makes interesting reading, it focuses on the American market but i’m sure that we’ll soon see these trends coming across the pond and hitting our garden centres and garden shows this year. “2014 is all about balance. People finally appreciate that being in nature and in the garden is true bliss. But now, they want the garden to do double duty: A Zen oasis and the social hub for entertaining,” says Katie Dubow, creative director of Garden Media.

This has always been an ethos of mine and something that I’ve wanted to try and create in even the smallest of spaces. My opinion is that people have always wanted to have beautiful outdoor spaces and that want these to be built with quality Eco-friend cost effective materials, which if your clever and know your market is achievable on almost any budget.

After many hours of research I’ve managed to breakdown what expert analyses are saying will be the garden design/gardening trends of 2014 down to the top 5, and some of these I’m already experiencing from my clients;

1. Sourcing Materials Locally – as previously mentioned, its becoming more and more important try and lower our carbon footprint and when it comes to sourcing materials for garden this would seem to be a forefront of most of my clients minds. Quality Materials from my local suppliers. Also i suspect that we’ll see a surge in the use of native plants the desire for the exotic will be much less.

2. Curves and Informality – straight lines, formal shapes and symmetry are all things for last year, according to certain sources anyway, and already I’m working on a design that is curvaceous and lacking in formality. But I’m not sure that all things formal will be gone as its not always possible to include curves in every design.

3. Wildlife Gardens– design, planting, and structures that attracted wildlife is going to be huge in 2014 and i’m sure that it will be a big focus in many of the show gardens at the RHS show’s in the coming months. Personally this has again been something that i have always tried to encourage my clients to embrace, gardens need wildlife to be bring them alive.

4. Garden Lighting – with the increase in social trends in the garden so it becomes important to spend as much time in the garden as possibly, and with the ever expanding garden lighting market there is now more choice than ever to light your outdoor space. Clever lighting can really help to enhance a space and make it usable on a dull autumn night.

5. Low Maintenance Gardens – This is probably no surprise to any designer or landscaper reading this, and its no surprise to me either. People work hard and want to have smart and easy gardens that don’t take up all of there down time. Expect to see an increase in easy manage planting schemes and smaller lawns and clever concepts to bring the maintenance of gardens.

One other trend that we’ll start to see around the country in 2014 is the greening of urban spaces, more and more people are looking to try and improve their urbanscapes in cost effective ways and a cheaper and smarter solution that than total regeneration is using the spaces for green areas – mark my words little pockets of green spaces will start to pop up all around you 2014. Nottingham watch this space!

Greening Urban Spaces

I think 2014 is going to be very exciting year for garden design and i can’t wait to start to get my trowel into it!

Have good new years folks and i hope you enjoyed my Garden Design Trends blog.

Richard Lloyd

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