Mediation Garden Design – Blidworth

The client approached us with a request for us to help her and her husband fall back in love with the garden again. They’d been in the property a number of years and when they first moved in they have the whole garden decked as it was on a slope they felt would be too costly to resolve.

The client had one main request – she wanted a Yoga deck – the garden design had to essential give off a calm atmosphere. They want any lawn but they wanted us to continue the use of the black limestone they had installed on the top tier near the house.

A design was proposed that made space of the garden and allow them to use all areas. Contrasting white and black basalt gravel was used separated by a stainless edge that cuts a curve across the whole design, The upper patio area was extended to give an area for a hammock possibly a corner sofa unit. Within the garden design with a fit pit was proposed for relaxing evenings and enjoying the stars, this would comprise of a central circle fit pit and seating surrounding this. planted around the back to the soften the hard appearance of the fence behind it.

Natural wood was used as a cladding within the garden design to really lift the journey from the garden up to the house which is situated on a higher elevation. Bespoke steps were installed using the same materials used elsewhere ensuring harmony and unity across the garden design. The planting was simple and when matured will look stunning.

The client loved the garden and was especially pleased with her new Yoga and the contemporary feel that the cladding provides to the garden design.

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