Nottingham Japanese Garden Design

Peaceful and Relaxing Japanese Garden

The client’s brief to me was simple yet challening – I was to create a contemplative and relaxing Japanese style garden design for a section of a large established garden that had previously served as the clients vegetable patch. The proposed design needed to sit in harmony with the existing garden, and the wider environment.

The garden design implemented the principles of the Japanese gardens focus on three basic principles, reduced scale, symbolization, and borrowed view. Garden Designs that reduced scale represent famous scenes and places in small and confined spaces from landscape around the site – normal Japan. Mountain views and rivers are miniaturized using stones, sand and gravel. Raked sand or gravel symbolizes rivers, groupings of stones and rock can represent islands or Mountains. “Shakkei” as it known, or borrowed views is when the garden design makes use of existing scenery and plants to supplement the garden. The garden design I proposed  incompassed as many of these principles as possible without the garden becoming too japanese or looking staged and not suiting the location.  

A bespoke contemporary yet oriental fence was designed and installed. A Steel bowl was used to reflect the sky and compliment the planting. Gravel was used to create a Zen style area with the garden.

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