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The idea of this planting plan is to help provide a solid foundation on which to build going forward. As we gardeners say ‘gardens grow’. So use this planting plan to give your garden all year round interest. The plant list can be used a guide so don’t worry if you can’t find the exact variety, any helpful garden centre or nursery will be able to give you any alternative that will work just as well. In this planting plan I aim to give an area of you garden some structure by adding some height and depth. I have also left room for some perennials which can be under-planted with bulbs, I’ve suggested using Asters and Alliums but you could use whatever is your favourite.

Planting Plan: Structure

Key to the planting Plan

  1. Taxus baccata x 10 to make a hedge.
  2. Prunus serrula x 1
  3. Hebe ‘Champagne’ x 3
  4. Osmanthus delavayi x 3
  5. Arbutus unedo x 1
  6. Space for putting bulbs, annuals and perennials.
  7. Pittosporum tobira  x 5

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