Relaxed and Pretty Garden Design

As we know with new build properties gardens are always a blank canvas. Which is good for us garden designers and a garden design as means we get to start without any real obstacles in the way. This garden was no exception – lawned with a single line of paving across the back of the house. As with most developers who care was taken to level the garden so it went up higher into the top right hand corner.

The client expressed a desire for the garden design that would include a large enough patio area for a table and chairs; a location for the Arbour that they wanted, a herb area, something to mute the red brick walls that dominated the garden.

As the client liked a more traditional feel to the site, so within the garden design we opted for using Old Riven from Bradstone Paving Ltd for the patio, arbour stand, paths and stepping stones. sleepers were used as low retaining wall as the existing lawn was on slope and budget restrictions didn’t allow for a total site levelling, and to be honest it was needed the slope adds to its charm. Trellis was erected along the walls and planted with Jasmine and Passion Flowers. The planting beds were curved in order to try to soften the otherwise very angular elements that made up the site and these were planted with a selection of perennials, ornamental grasses and shrubs that will provide all year round interest. Within the main patio two herb garden planters were installed and kitchen herbs added for fragrance and for actually cooking. The garden has been finished with elegant pots and garden ornaments that help to get focus to certain areas.

At the front of the property the same paving was used from the drive to the door and round the back, A simple and clean gravel garden was installed next to the front door and the poorly chosen plants the developers had put in were taking over and growing in front of a window. Its easy to maintain and looks very satisfying.

The client loves the garden garden as with all our clients.

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